Why Patients Want a Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopaths are doctors trained in the use of natural preventive care and disease treatments to maintain their patients' health. Treatment types may include alternative therapies when compared to traditional allopathic physicians, including acupuncture, nutrition, herbal, lifestyle adjustments, and others. Patients in search of a naturopathic doctor Vancouver should seek a trained professional who's practice utilizes non-invasive treatment modalities.

Image: flickr.com/photos/sergiu_bacioiu

The best naturopathic Vancouver will look at the patient's body in a holistic way. The practitioner won't just treat symptoms but will look for root causes of illness or disease. Naturopathic doctors (N.D.s) receive training that is rigorous and extensive. He or she has a degree from a major accredited naturopathic school of medicine. These programs have highly competitive admissions standards. Students must have taken a standard pre-medical course, including mathematics, sciences, chemistry, physics, biology, anatomy, and more. The admitted student's grade average must be as strong as any other pre-medical student, because naturopaths must have an aptitude to learn highly technical information.

Demand for naturopathic physicians continues to grow as more health-minded patients look for an alternative to pharmaceuticals-driven Western medicine. The "Annals of Internal Medicine" reports that almost three-fourths of adult patients in North America have sought some form of alternative to Western medicine therapy. Naturopathic doctors may work in a private practice, in a group practice, or even with traditional allopathic physicians. They may work in public clinics, such as those sponsored by prestigious Bastyr University, in research roles, or in natural pharmacies.

Naturopaths work with their patients to educate them about achieving greater health. What the patient eats and drinks may be highly relevant to the treatment suggestions offered by the naturopathic physician. The N.D. knows that the patient's lifestyle, including the patient's exercise level, are important to health management.