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After the Spa: Beauty Tips from Experts

Spa treatments are great for many things. They can treat various illnesses and help your body regain its ability to regenerate itself. A spa treatment can also heal skin problems like acne and irritation while helping the skin return to its flexible, tight form. All you need to do is select the correct spa treatment based on what you want to achieve.

Water Drops

While there are so many benefits to enjoying a spa treatment, you also want to extend those benefits beyond your spa session. In this article, we are going to focus on extending the benefits of the spa to your skin, along with the best beauty tips from experts.

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How to Heal Trauma

What is Trauma?
Trauma is an experience that causes emotional and psychological distress. Traumatic experiences overtake a person’s ability to process emotions and thoughts in a calm manner. Distress related to a traumatic experience will reoccur in the subconscious mind and body until they are released.


Trauma occurs from single overwhelming incidents as well as experiences over time. We often associate trauma with a shocking event such as a violent crime or the sudden loss of a loved one. Such incidents are traumatic, but trauma can also result from everyday life challenges. Therefore, trauma can occur to any one person and is not something to stigmatize. Unfortunately, many people do feel shame about experiencing and talking about their past. When we feel embarrassed or unable to talk about it, it is important to acknowledge that emotion so that it does not stop you from healing.
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What is Interstitial Cystitis and Prostatitis, and How Can the Wise Anderson Protocol Help You?

While prostatitis can be caused by infection or injury, it has been noted that some cases have nothing to do with the prostate gland at all. That is why treatments that target the prostate or assume some underlying infection are completely ineffective. For example, prostatitis treatment that targets infection will in many cases show no improvement. When this happens, and as the pain persists, both doctors and patients may be at a loss for the underlying condition.


For years, doctors were confounded by what seemed to be a very well known set of symptoms: difficulty urinating, accompanied by pain in the groin, pelvic area, and genitals, that did not respond to any treatment and revealed no obvious underlying pathology. Cases like these piled up, and along with some other diagnoses such as interstitial cystitis (also known as Painful Bladder Syndrome) there appeared to be no obvious reason for the pain and discomfort that seemed to take over the lives of those suffering. Other diagnoses seemed to be centered around the pelvic area, the bowels, and the rectum. Again, multiple diagnoses were made, but the condition did not respond at all to treatment, and no underlying cause could be found for the pain being reported by the patients.
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Holistic Tips for Boosting Your Self-Confidence

Many people feel like they cannot behave naturally when they are around two or more people. They start to become nervous and dithery, which is a sign they have self-confidence issues. A holistic approach is one of the best solutions for building self-confidence. The synergies that exist between the different parts of a person’s life is one of the reasons this approach is the most suitable one. Turn to the holistic approach if you wish to boost your self-esteem and you will create a confident life in no time.


A refined form of natural therapy is precisely reflexology. Namely, reflexologists say the body is divided into vertical energy zones, which stretch from the base of the feet to the top of the head. Moreover, our hands and feet contain reflex points, which correspond to every part of the body. If we were to massage the right reflex point on the foot, a certain organ in our body, or a certain tissue or a gland, can be affected by that action.
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Using Ayurveda as a Natural Remedy to Stay Healthy

Ayurvedic medicine, commonly referred to as "ayurveda," is one of the world's oldest yet most enduring holistic health systems. Designed to keep the whole body system of body/mind/spirit in balance, ayurveda seeks first maintenance of good health with a secondary focus on fighting off infection and disease.

Where Ayurveda Fits Into Modern Medicine

In first world countries, ayurveda is considered one of many "complementary" or alternative health systems that can serve as a valuable adjunct to modern Westernized medicine. Ayurveda uses herbs as homeopathic remedies for everything from pain relief to disease protection.
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Top 5 Spa Destinations in India

Are you sick of bearing late working hours and the hustle bustle of city life? If yes, planning for Weekend Wellness Package to get rejuvenated is really a great idea. Booking holiday tour is an exciting idea and it is nothing less than a cake walk if spa treatment is also included in your package. Spa is something that brings freshness and rejuvenation.

Spa is an enticing natural method to stay fit and healthy that is being loved by large numbers of people across the world. India is considered the most desirable destination for spa tourism and various different destinations offering best spa therapy seize the attention of countless tourists every year.
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